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What We Do

We specialize in navigating the Department of Education’s Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. The rules within these programs are ever changing and complex, yet full of opportunity. When you call your loan servicer, you’re not always shown the best options. They simply don’t have the training, tools or incentive to find the best program for your circumstance. Our team is highly trained and equipped with our proprietary calculator, allowing us to find the best plan for your unique situation. We handle all paperwork and ensure everything is done on time and help our clients avoid the many pitfalls associated with Student Loans. We’re kind of like hiring a CPA to do your taxes, but for Student Loans.

Find the best student loan repayment programs

Our team’s loan specialists are extremely knowledgeable. They each have hundreds of hours of research and education specific to these programs. We help you navigate the plans and pick the least expensive option for your situation. As your circumstances change, or new laws come into effect, we adapt and strategize, so you’re always getting the best deal.


Process paperwork

Each year, you need to update your information and re-certify with an Income Driven Repayment Program. We do all of this paperwork and field any calls required to your loan servicer. To ensure everything is done right and on time, every time.

Provide peace of mind

Our clients are thrilled that they never have to worry about anything regarding Student Loans on their own ever again. Our expert team manages and maintains one of the largest headaches post-graduation, so you can focus on your personal and professional life.

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Who Is Student Loan Tutor For?

Have more than $100,000 in Federal Student Loans
By navigating the optimal program correctly, you will save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan and increase your cashflow right away.
Currently make less than $200,000 per year
If you currently earn less than $200k per year, we are able to find a number of forgiveness options that will save you a ton of money. If you earn more, you should still talk to us and see if we can provide you with peace of mind around your paperwork and the constantly changing laws and programs.
Those who want peace of mind
Navigating your student loans correctly, especially for student loan forgiveness, is extremely unlikely on your own while relying solely on the help of your servicer.* By using our services, you gain peace of mind that your loans will discharge as you expect. 

*In 2021 data obtained by the National Consumer Law Center revealed that of the roughly 2 million borrowers who qualified to have their student loans discharged with student loan forgiveness, only 32 received the cancellation. This was due to a high loan servicer error rate (61%) and other factors related to the difficulty in navigating these complicated programs. Source: https://money.yahoo.com/few-student-loan-borrowers-received-forgiveness-170008310.html

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“Student Loan Tutor knows all the secrets that your loan servicer doesn’t want you to know about. They have been my advocate from day one. Now I have $0 payments.”

Dr. Dawn Christman, DC

How It Works

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Schedule a Free Evaluation

On this quick 15-minute call, we can answer any questions you have about our approach to navigating student loans.

We’ll collect some basic info from you to make sure you’re a good fit for our services and strategies.

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Schedule & Attend Planning Call

On the planning call, we dive deep and help you identify the least expensive route humanly possible. 

We’ll help you understand all of your options, and support you in getting that strategy put into place for the life of your loan.

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We Apply the Strategy

If you choose to become a client, we have a minimal fee for service to ensure that all of your paperwork is done on time and correctly for maximum savings for the life of the loan. That’s it! No more headaches dealing with this paperwork each year.

Our Student Loan Experts

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